Introduction to the Newcomer

Welcome to the SA Nebraska website; we of the fellowship of Sexaholics Anonymous know that taking the first step to learn about a possible solution to sexual addiction or to find if we were even truly addicted, was one of the most daunting and frightening things we had done.

We're glad you're here. We of Sexaholics Anonymous are here because we could not control our lusting and sexual behaviors, and finally gave up trying. In the program of SA we found a solution to our problem that works.

Here we will attempt to lay out some basic information about the program, fellowship and meetings, which will hopefully help to lessen any fears or misconceptions you may have.

Anonymity is the idea that privacy of the individual is very important and is a basic part of our program. We do this by giving our first name only, and by keeping anything we see, hear or learn from the meetings confidential, with respect to the individual.

Each meeting may have a different format for the newcomer. In some you may simply join the discussion, and be asked to introduce yourself by your first name; in others you may be taken aside to speak privately with a few individuals about SA and sexual addiction. They can answer any questions you may have. Meeting status can be found on the meeting list on this website and refers to whether the meeting is open or closed. If a meeting is closed, only those seeking their own sobriety and attending for themselves are welcome. Currently, the majority of meetings in Nebraska are open meetings. If you are intimidated about coming to your first meeting, know that many of felt this same way, and in the end found it to be vastly different than what our fears would have had us believe.

One of the first questions we ran into when coming into SA was whether or not we were truly a sexaholic, or sexually addicted. "Am I a sex addict?" Ultimately we know that each person can only answer this question for themselves. To help you find the answer for yourself, we have included a "Self Test" section of this website specific to that question.

There may be those who are reading this for a loved one or friend in an attempt to help. S-Anon is a program of recovery for those who have been affected by someone else's sexual behavior, and can be a great resource that we suggest you look into. It is to help you deal with your feelings and experiences and help you take care of yourself whether or not the addict in your life seeks his or her own recovery. The list of questions found here on S-Anon's website can help you decide if S-Anon is for you.