The Problem

Why can't sexaholics control their sexual behavior? There seems to be a mental and physical condition that compels us to lose control of our sexual behavior.

The physical problem occurs once we see, hear or remember any sexual stimulus. We start craving more and more sexual activity. This craving compels us to do more than we intended to do. This craving is physically hardwired in our response to sex. We feel it is more than just a sexual response. It is like stepping into a another dimension. The craving pulls us to do more and more. We are not just trying to satisfy a sexual need.

We also have a mental condition that makes it impossible for us to remember the pain or consequences from our sexual binges. This we call our mental blind spot. It is like selective amnesia—and it prevents us from fully being able to harness our will power to stop. The sexaholic is mentally incapable of understanding why they act out sexually over and over, while at the same time they can still logically deduce that it is harmful to their ambitions, pocketbooks and relationships.

Once the mental and physical patterns are established in a individual, he has probably placed himself beyond the help of pastors, friends, spouses, or counselors.

The normal outcome for sexaholics is to endlessly suffer. The disease progressively worsens and the consequences of our sexual behavior become more severe. Many of us lose our ability to function in society and at work, as well as in our marriages and relationships. For some, it even means a premature death.