Women in SA

We would like to welcome you to SA in Nebraska, and we’re glad you’re here. We want you to know there are resources available to help you, as a woman, recover from sexaholism.

Your first impression of SA is probably overwhelming, and you may get the urge to not return. This is common for us, whether we’re men or women. But don’t worry – your second meeting should be a lot easier than the first. You should come back in spite of any fears. It does get easier.

You also may have noticed there were not many women at the meeting. There are a few women who are active in Nebraska SA. Keep coming to meetings – you may need to try a few different ones, but you’ll find a meeting that suits you soon enough. In the meantime, call the phone number below to get in contact with other women from nearby cities.

Another common question is, which men can you trust in SA meetings? You can talk to any of the men in SA, but until you’re more familiar with the members and the program, you should talk to men who have long-term sobriety of a year or more. They will be able to help you during your withdrawal from sexual addition.

Here is a list of things to do immediately –

  1. First, read SA’s “White Book.” (Often, newcomers are presented their own copy at their first meeting. If not, you can order a copy from SA’s International Office. Follow the link called “Publications.”)
  2. Second, plan to go to 90 meetings in 90 days. These can be SA meetings or AA meetings, but get to a meeting every day.
  3. Third, call in to the Nebraska Women’s phone in meeting, each Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. Central Time. Just dial 218-862-1300 and then enter the BRIDGE PIN of 151321.
  4. Fourth, call the Women in SA hotline: 888-802-5376
  5. Fifth, get a sponsor and work the Steps.